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Baby Girl

When it comes to your child’s wardrobe, baby girl dresses are a must-have. There’s one for every occasion, and they can make a big fashion statement. You can now shop for the latest baby girl dresses on Myntra in a variety of stunning colours and motifs.


For the cooler months, sweater baby girl dresses are a must-have. These are available in a variety of colours, including red, purple, peach, and white.


Sheath baby girl dresses have a fancy or formal vibe to them. Choose ones with tassels, sequins, ruffles, or stripes.

Baby girl dress styling guide

Here are some suggestions for how to effectively style baby girl outfits for various occasions.

Star’s birthday

On her special day, let your daughter be the centre of attention. Choose a baby girl birthday dress in mauve or black with a peplum shape, ruffle collar, bow at the waist, and tiered flared net hemline. Wear it with a silver-toned bracelet and stud earrings to complete the look

Celebration of birth dress

It’s cause enough to rejoice when you bring a bundle of joy into the world. Choose a soft pink, patterned new born baby girl outfit to make the occasion special. Stockings, booties, and a white baby bonnet complete the look. Bring a couple of dresses with you in case you need to change.

Princess of the party dress

When you and your mini-me are going to a social function, you’ll require baby girl dresses in party wear. This kind of day calls for a lovely sky blue gown for girls with a belt accent, shoulder straps, and a flared length.