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Badminton rackets are available in a variety of materials. This can result in varying combinations of racket weight, balancing points, and string tensions depending on the material used. With so many options, deciding which one is best for your playing style will take some time. Instead of shopping online, visit a badminton store. Request advice and choose a racket with which you are most comfortable. Swing the racket around in your hands to obtain a sense of its overall weight and grip.


Plastic and feathered shuttlecocks are the two varieties of shuttlecocks available on the market. When opposed to the feathered shuttlecocks that are typically used, plastic shuttlecocks are significantly more robust. Plastic shuttlecocks, on the other hand, are only advised for beginners who are just getting started.

Shoes for Badminton

Badminton shoes are made to provide more traction and grip so that you can stop in time to return a shot. They should also be light and cushioned to minimise the impact of jumping or landing. Heel cups will help you extend the life of your shoes if you’re a regular player.

Dress for Badminton

A comfortable pair of shorts and a cotton or dry-fit t-shirt is sufficient for casual to non-competitive players. Hand grips, wristbands, and ankle protectors may be beneficial to some players. Each of these accessories serves a job while also adding a splash of colour to the ensemble. When it comes to badminton equipment, choose what is necessary before focusing on looks.


The badminton court is divided into two halves by a mesh net. The badminton net is five feet and one inch high on the edges and five feet high in the centre, which is lower than the volleyball net. Singles can reach 17 feet and doubles can reach 22 feet, depending on whether they are playing doubles or singles.