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A chronograph is a type of clock or watch that functions as both a stopwatch and a display watch. A basic chronograph features an independent sweep second hand and a minute sub-dial, and it may be started, stopped, and reset by pressing down on the stem repeatedly. More complicated chronographs feature many sub-dials that measure seconds, minutes, hours, and even tenths of a second. Furthermore, many modern chronographs include movable bezels as tachymeters for quick speed and distance computations.A chronograph is a device that can be used to measure the passage of time in split seconds, seconds, or minutes. In addition, some chronographs have secondary dials or openings that are superimposed on the face of the device to show the day, month, year, and phases of the moon.

A chronograph is different from a traditional watch in that it can be used for more than just measuring mean time. The stopwatch, which is often used in athletic events, is one type of chronograph. Another example is an instrument used in planes to track elapsed flight time. This is performed by the pilot pressing a button to start the chronograph when the plane takes flight. The instrument is stopped when the button is pressed again after landing. On the dial, the actual elapsed time is displayed in hours, minutes, and split seconds.