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Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is a razor with a spinning or oscillating blade that is powered by electricity. Shaving cream, soap, or water are usually not required while using an electric shaver. A small DC motor, which may be driven by batteries or mains energy, may be used to power the razor. Rechargeable batteries are used in many modern ones.

An electro-mechanical oscillator powered by an AC-energized solenoid could also be employed. Some of the first mechanical shavers didn’t have an electric motor and had to be operated by hand, such as by pulling a wire to move a flywheel. For centuries, men could not shave their faces without the use of water, soap, and a sharp-edged tool to soften their skin.

Inventors and visionaries intended to use electric power to simplify and improve everyday life as the electronic age progressed. The electric shaver, often known as a dry shaver, is a device that removes body hair using electrically powered blades rather than traditional soap, water, and razor blades.