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Hair cream

Brilliantine, an oil-based muck, was the hair cream of the 1920s. It was used to slick back hair and impart significant shine by style-conscious men. It looked beautiful, but it had a severe flaw: this material was so greasy that it would rub off, permanently ruining clothes and furniture. Modern hair cream is the polar opposite: it is used to achieve a natural appearance. It’s a subtle yet effective treatment that helps drab hair look effortlessly well-groomed… without anyone noticing.

So, what exactly is a hair cream?

Hair cream, also referred to as styling cream, gives hair a subtle, natural-looking shine. It has a low to medium hold that tames wayward hairs without weighing down your ‘do.’ Simply put, it eliminates frizz while avoiding greasiness.

High-maintenance styles like spikes, mohawks, and pompadours aren’t allowed because cream is for easygoing appearances. However, if you want hair that flows effortlessly and looks relaxed but put-together, cream is the way to go.Axe’s natural appearance: Softening Cream accomplishes this by providing a light to medium hold with a natural appearance.

Dress it up a little

  • Styling cream is suitable for all hair types and works wonders on curls, waves, and coarser hair, smoothing it and giving a hint of shine while remaining natural.
  • Do you have fine or thin hair? To give texture and volume, use the cream, but don’t overdo it: too much will weigh you down.
  • Cream neatens and eliminates frizz in short cuts including high and tight or buzz cuts.