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Foster Grant Women’s Sunglasses exemplify true elegance. From current contemporary and minimalist style to classic aviators, our effortlessly fashion forward styles are inspired by the latest trends and greatest styles. All with the Foster Grant quality you’ve come to expect, such as 100% UVA-UVB lens protection and outstanding scratch resistance and clarity. We provide a wide range of styles at binge-worthy costs, so you can create a sunglass wardrobe to suit your various personalities. If you’re having trouble selecting whether rounds, cat eyes, squares, or big frames are the best fit for your face shape, we can help. Use our frame finder to locate the best frame shape for you, and learn about the benefits of polarized lenses and varied mirror colors by reading up on the different types of sunglasses lenses. For more style ideas, have a look at our best-selling sunglasses and new arrivals.

Colors of the lenses
Your eyes react to light differently depending on the hue of your lenses. Learn which colors are best for your preferred activities and environments.

Colors in the lens
Gray: Reduces glare while still displaying accurate colors. Ideal for everyday usage, especially whether driving or participating in outdoor activities.

Brown: Enhances depth perception by improving contrast and containing a red element. It’s ideal for golf, tennis, yachting, and any other sport that requires distance judgment.
Yellow: Increases contrast and clarity in dim lighting. It’s ideal for skiing and mountain biking, but not so much for anything requiring precise color perception.

Green: Because it transmits all hues uniformly, it is similar to natural vision. Suitable for all outdoor activities and general use.

Red and pink: Increases visual depth and minimizes eyestrain.