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Women’s Formal Shoes

A formal shoe is one that is appropriate for smart casual or more formal occasions. A dress shoe is often contrasted with an athletic shoe.

Many people wear dress shoes as their everyday shoes, and they are commonly used in dance, parties, and special occasions.


Most men’s dress shoes are made entirely of leather, including the outers, lining, and sole, though many shoes are made with rubber soles for increased durability at the expense of elegance. Men’s non-leather dress shoes are also available.

Shoes are typically made from multiple pieces of leather, and the seams can be decorated in a variety of ways, the majority of which revolve around some form of brogueing. Brogues have rows of decorative punching in patterns: full brogues, or wingtips (the standard American name), have a wavy toe cap with punched patterns on various sections of the shoe; half brogues have a normal straight edged toe cap and less punching; and finally, other terms such as quarter-brogue, and so on, may be used to describe progressively less brogueing.