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Every fashionista knows that without a pair or two of flat shoes, her shoe collection is incomplete. Flats are frequently chosen as the footwear of choice. We hope that our handy information below will assist you in learning about some of the most popular flat shoes available.


Women's flat shoes are stylish, easy on the feet, and perfect for carefree walking. Ancient eras serve as an influence for several footwear trends today. The interlaced design of gladiator flats, for instance, was influenced by the combat boots used by Greek and Roman warriors. The protective deerskin flats that Native American hunters and merchants wore gave rise to moccasins.

Modern women's flat shoe companies have crafted this precise essence of comfort combined with design. You may choose from a large selection of some of the most attractive flat shoes for women online at Myntra. Now is the moment to immediately fill your shoe closet with these fashion necessities.


With the collection of stylish flat slippers available on Myntra, you can transform any outfit into a stunning ensemble. We have the ideal type of flootwear for you, whether you prefer stylish party attire, casual cool, or classy formal attire.

  • You can choose from a delicious selection of open-toe and T-strap flats on Myntra. There are several alternatives available for cutting, strap positioning, ornamentation, and colour. They go well with both ethnic and western attire because of their versatility. They are appropriate for both informal and formal settings.
  • Purchase a couple pairs of women's ballet flats or flat ballerina shoes. Both adorable and cosy, they are. You may put them on with your typical T-shirt, jeans, or even with pants and a top or blouse. Hold onto your loose bun.
  • One-toe flats come in a variety of styles, including plain, strappy, cut-out, and embellished. Sandals with sparkling stones go well with sarees. To wear with a long skirt, choose a pair with lace and floral accents. By wearing palazzos and ethnically patterned blouses with one-toed women's flats with ankle straps, you may create an artistic bohemian look.
  • The beautiful stitching and ethnic designs made by Mojaris are well renowned. They go nicely with ethnic clothing from India, such as sarees and kurta-pyjama sets. Pair mojaris with kurtis or crop tops and palazzos for an ethnic fusion appearance.
  • Gladiator flats are strappy beauties that appear stylish and opulent when paired with gowns. They look great with cropped or chino jeans that are ankle length. To show off your toned legs, style your short skirts and dresses with knee-high gladiators.


Without any complications, you may get a stunning pair of women's flat sandals online in India. Make these flats your own by shopping online at Myntra utilising our practical and user-friendly interface. Additionally, the price range for our women's flat shoes is really fair. You may easily browse for a wide selection of economical options. Check out our selection of women's formal shoes for a formal appearance, sports shoes for an active lifestyle, and sneakers and heels for a casual approach.


one word Versatile. The first thing that comes to mind while discussing flats is this. They are admired for being dependable and traditional. From Marie Antoinette Brigette Bardot and Audrey Hepburn to Alexa Chung and Emma Stone, their adaptability spans the decades.

Work flats

Running between customers, assignments, lunch, snacks, and coffee breaks takes up your whole workday. Don't you think your feet deserve some TLC after all that walking? Okay, so maybe it's not quite the pampering you had in mind (massages and all), but a pair of snug, comfy flats could just be the ideal remedy for your feet's wear and tear. "Choose a pair that can go with the majority of the work-related attire in your closet. Make sure it seems classy and refined to avoid dressing down your appearance ", suggests fashion writer and stylist Anjelina.

Flat boots

This is for those days when it rains. The one when you struggle to choose the ideal shoe from the racks in front of you. Every pair is fighting for your attention, but there is one pair in the corner that (figuratively) shines out from the rest. Flat footwear are to blame. It may be worn over jeans and leggings and is a stylish option for the winter.

Moccasins & Loafers

These slip-ons are popular among both men and women. It was just a matter of time before women started wearing moccasins, which have historically been men's shoes. A moccasin and a loafer employ the same material and, sometimes, even the same style, making the distinction difficult. But the shoe's sole would be a simple method to tell them apart. Moccasins cannot have heels, although loafers may. Moccasins have a considerably more formal appearance than loafers, which are more informal.

Statement flats

If your shoe collection doesn't include a pair of bold flats, it's lacking. You can make just as big of a statement wearing a gorgeous pair of flats as you can wearing a sizzling pair of heels, whether they are embroidered, have eye-catching bright colours, or have an intriguing pattern. Style expert Kristin Swenson counsels, "Just keep them tasteful."