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Women's handbag accessories

Bags and women are like best friends. Every woman needs a dependable handbag that she can carry around with ease and fit all of her essentials in. The abundance of top 10 women's handbag brands in India that offer stylish and handy bags is a blessing. Let's examine a few of the most popular handbag manufacturers that are widely available in the country.

Handbags  Caprese

In India, almost any woman would be unacquainted with the Caprese brand. The business has long dominated the baggage industry and has a storied handbag collection that speaks to the preferences and requirements of the modern girl. Caprese bags and other products are sold at more than 800 places of sale throughout the globe, including company-owned and franchised stores, multi-brand dealers, and well-known divisions like Lifestyle, Central Pantaloons, and ShopperStop. It is without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers of women's bags.

Da Milano

It is known for its unusual bags that take design inspirations from Italian fashion, and it is the best handbag for women in India. The best leather bags are available from this company. The brand earned the best accessories and image shoes in 2016 as a result of the strong demand and high-quality items. In India, there are more than 38 Da Milano boutiques, and the handbags are also offered for sale on specialised fashion and best price mall websites.


The leather and other components used to create Peperone handbags are renowned worldwide. The company introduced its first range of bags manufactured abroad in Chennai. Since 2010, Peperone has produced a vast array of colourful and modern handbags. Peperone has become the most popular brand of women's handbags sold in India as a result of the escalating demand for their bags. At Best Price Mall, a wide range of its products are easily accessible.


The Hermès Kelly existed long before the Hermès Birkin (see below). Based on the Sac à Courroies, which Hermès marketed to transport saddles, Robert Dumas, a member of the family that currently owns Hermès, created the bag in 1935. Dumas employed a trapezoid shape to make it into a genuine purse, added a stiff handle, maintained the flap with pull straps, and secured it with a turn-lock that came with a miniature padlock and key.

One was acquired by movie actress Grace Kelly in 1954 when she was shooting To Catch a Thief. When Princess Grace of Monaco started using it in 1956 to conceal her growing baby belly from the press, ladies began calling Hermès to get the widely-photographed "Kelly bag." The Kelly is still Hermès' most difficult model today, and it is exclusively handcrafted in France by a single craftsman who labours for 20 to 25 hours to hand-sew, clamp, glue, gum, and polish its 36 pieces of leather.


On a once-in-a-lifetime trip from Paris to London, English actress Jane Birkin—famous in France for her years with singer and author Serge Gainsbourg—happily sat next to Hermès founder Jean-Louis Dumas.

Birkin said she couldn't find a weekend bag she loved at the time and carried a wicker basket everywhere. She and her seatmate spent the remainder of the trip talking about handbags and drawing out their concepts on the back of an airsick bag when her wicker spilled since it couldn't fit in an overhead bin.

The fruits of their work were handed to her by Dumas in 1986, but it wasn't until the 1990s that Birkin fever really took off, resulting in five-year waiting lists, a plethora of fakes, and a secondary market where Birkins are worth more than blue-chip stocks. Even in this day and age, when phones and inboxes are inundated with promotions and photographs from influencers, Hermès manages to keep its mystery and preserve its position as one of the top luxury handbag brands with no advertising.


This high-end handbag may be compared to a drawstring purse without the drawstring. Or a bulky, floppy, difficult-to-hold grasp. No one chooses the Pouch for practical reasons, but fashion journalists must have one because of its puckery, squishy form that is seen everywhere on social media.

The Pouch, which was introduced in the spring of 2019 and is 40 centimetres wide, has a single compartment inside, a top that snaps shut with a magnetic closure, and no handle or strap—making finding anything in your purse a two-handed task. The Pouch is the first major success for Bottega Veneta's British-born design director Daniel Lee. (Cue: a spinning Coco Chanel in her tomb.)

Even yet, Bottega Veneta creates the Pouch in a bewildering array of hues, including a crazy blue metallic and something called Sponge, a loopy, hand-knit Nappa that results in a handbag that resembles a lap dog.


The Saddle Bag is back—bigger than ever—after becoming a cult favourite in the early 2000s when Sarah Jessica Parker used one as Carrie Bradshaw during Season Three of Sex and the City, demonstrating that a fantastic handbag doesn't seem to remain out of style for very long. It then remained obscure for around ten years after Dior stopped selling it till Beyoncé dug one out of her wardrobe and began wearing it everywhere.

Rewind to the second part of 2018, when Dior officially reintroduced the design via loans to celebrities and influencers and a significant social media campaign.


On the website, you'll see this warning: "This highly desired model has extremely limited availability. Don't even attempt to purchase these premium handbags there. To check back later, kindly click here. The Pochette Metis, a 10-inch wide flap bag with three internal compartments and a gold-tone lock that resembles the locks on vintage LV steamer trunks, nonetheless, appears to be owned by everyone who's someone.

The Pochette Metis includes an alternative strap that enables it to be used as a shoulder or crossbody purse. It is typically made in LV monogram canvas with vachetta trim and gold-tone hardware.


This handbag was created by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel to be hands-free, which was a ground-breaking concept when the Classic Flap made its debut in February 1955. She made the bag out of the quilted leather that would become a design staple and hung it from a long brass chain so that a lady could wear it either over her shoulder or, with the chain doubled, in the crook of her arm.

While it wasn't until the 1980s that Karl Lagerfeld had the idea to transform the turnlock into a branding opportunity by adding Chanel's double-C emblem, its other features were an open pocket on the back, a turn-lock clasp, a burgundy lining, and a zipped inner pocket. (A Classic Flap without the double-C turn-lock is referred to as a 2.55, alluding to the style's initial year.)


The LV Speedy is ranked first on our list of the best luxury handbags. There is a fashion trend that has endured for 90 years. This bag made its debut in 1930 under the name "Express," which was designed to imply convenience. At the time, the firm was best known for its steamer trunks and hard-sided luggage, so this bag signified a radical departure. What is currently known as the Speedy was a soft-sided, 30-centimeter satchel made of LV monogram canvas with a silhouette like a cross between a doctor's bag and a duffel.

It included two rolling handles, piping, a top zip closure, and a zipper pull made of vachetta, the untreated Italian leather that is a hallmark of LV design, both then and today. Later, when women searched for reasons to possess more than one Speedy or to have their preferred style customised, variations emerged. The Speedy becomes a Speedy Bandoulière when LV adds a three-piece, adjustable, detachable strap, which they have been doing since 2011. This purse may then be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag.