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Many of us are encouraged to try new trends and gradually enter the world of fashion throughout our college years. From gowns to accessories, we strive to look our best in whatever we wear. When it comes to accessories, we can't ignore the importance of purses and satchels. They are, after all, the pinnacle of our mood and fashion sense. If you're not sure where to start, satchel bags are a good place to start. Whether you're a young professional in need of a durable leather messenger bag or a college student in need of a versatile bag.


The hand block is available in two designs: a peach hand block bag and a white flowery hand block bag. This women's satchel is made from organic cotton fabric using the block printing process. The entire design is handcrafted, making it distinctive and environmentally friendly at the same time. When it comes to dimensions, the satchel bags for women measure 6 x 11 inches, making them rather roomy. The bag has a leather strap for carrying convenience and is shaped like a rectangular box.


For any regular outing or occasion, the second satchel handbag alternative is ideal. These are also made by hand using organic cotton fabric and cotton blocks. This women's satchel bag is available in four colours: pink flower design, white veronica, brown cotton block, and imperial blue. Regarding the dimensions, the bags have a square form and measure 5 by 8 inches. A leather strap is connected to the satchel handbag, making it easier to carry.


The market has long been dominated by satchel handbags. However, people frequently mistake this bag for a tote bag. Both styles are very different from one another due to a number of differences. For a brief explanation of the subject, see the section below.

The Tote

Most women in the world undoubtedly own this style of girl bag. Every woman needs a bag like this for everyday use. It is the ideal place to keep everything a woman needs. A woman carries A LOT of material around with her every day, which is why men often refer to us as their saviours since we carry the answers to all of their issues in our purses.

Straw Bag

Another bag that always has a place in a woman's closet. You can choose a sling bag for days when you do not want to haul around a lot of luggage. A sling bag is the best option if all you need to carry is your phone, keys, and cash.

Fabric Bag

The most straightforward and informal bag that a woman might own is this one. When you have to go out on a shopping day with your pals, these kinds of female cloth bags are useful. What more could a girl want on a busy day than something portable, fashionable, and roomy?