Baby Girl

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Baby Girl

When it comes to your child's wardrobe, baby girl dresses are a must-have. There's one for every occasion, and they can make a big fashion statement. You can now shop for the latest baby girl dresses on Myntra in a variety of stunning colours and motifs.

Gerber Baby Girls' Short-Sleeve Onesies

The well-known brand Gerber certainly doesn't let you down with this adorable pair of onesies. These reasonably priced onesies are constructed of 100% cotton, which makes them gentle on skin. Five distinct colours and patterns are included in each bundle. (The fox set is our fave!) For simple dressing and undressing, the onesies include a pull-on neck with expanded material by the shoulders. Diaper changes are made simple with the three-snap bottom opening. They aren't winter wearable, however, due to the short sleeves, unless you put warmer layers on top of them.

L'ovedbaby Unisex Baby Bodysuit

Your infant will look adorable in this trendy onesie from L'ovedbaby. The cotton fabric is incredibly soft on your baby and strong enough to withstand several washings. The cute kimono style has buttons down the side and an interior strap to keep it in place. It is simple to put on and take off. We appreciate that it is offered in a variety of muted hues that are appropriate for babies of either gender and that match a variety of legging or pant styles.
It is a good-quality item that will last until your baby outgrows it, but it is quite pricey for a onesie.

Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Tapered Ankle Pants

Babies that are active require clothing that will stay put as they move about, roll over, and crawl. These Luvable Friends pants are strong but flexible. For developing legs, the 100% cotton fabric is supple and extensible. While remaining in place, the elastic waistband won't be too tight around the child's belly. I appreciated how the tapered ankles protected the trousers from slipping down over my infant's feet. They are thus a fantastic option for plump, short-legged infants.

CozyWay Baby Tights Seamless Leggings

For chilly days when you feel like dressing your child up, these footie leggings from CozyWay are ideal. They come in a variety of hues, allowing you to pair them with whatever clothing your little one may wear, whether it be formal or informal. Or, in the winter, put them on as an additional layer below a pair of thin jeans. They are warm yet breathable thanks to the cotton, polyester, and spandex combination, and they have just the right amount of elasticity. Unlike most other baby tights we've tested, these are simpler to put on and don't bunch up at the knees and ankles. Since there are no grips on the soles, they might be slippery, therefore if your baby is just starting to walk, you should wear them together with a decent pair of baby shoes.

Leveret Solid Baby Crawling Pants

On days when you have nothing scheduled, this combo of slacks and leggings from Leverat is ideal. The leggings are made entirely of cotton, while the crawling pants are a flexible, breathable combination of cotton and polyester. Both genders may wear the basic shape, and they are available in a variety of vibrant hues such vivid yellow, orange, or red. A expanding stomach will be easily accommodated by the elastic waistline. The two pairs aren't identical, however. Although the waffle-knit fabric of the leggings isn't as soft as that of the crawling pants, we found that on very chilly days, they performed well as a warm layer beneath looser trousers.

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Side-Snap Long-Sleeve Shirt

It's a good idea to stock up on some gender-neutral items if you decide to keep your baby's gender a secret before birth. For homecoming attire, this set of five white long-sleeved shirts from Simple Joys by Carter's is ideal. A newborn can quickly and easily put on the shirt thanks to its side snaps. This is unquestionably advantageous for first-time mothers because it can initially seem difficult to dress a newborn.

Baby Boy Printed Top with Leggings

This lovely outfit from The Ma&Baby Store is sure to win over any mother. The comfortable pair of matching leggings complements the adorable, patterned top. Your child will love the really cosy and soft cotton mix material. A little head may easily slide on and off the elastic neck. Size larger if you want to keep it for a long, since the sizes tend to run a little small.

Carter's Baby Microfleece Sleepbag

My favourite blankets have always been the ones that you can wear. Since they can't be kicked off, they are safer than conventional blankets and will keep your baby warm at all times. These sleepwear options from Carter's are excellent! The microfleece is really plush, toasty, and comfy. Even when your child is resisting you, changing diapers is very simple because to the top-to-bottom zipper.
The snap-up zipper cover prevents the zipper's end from protruding into your child's neck by keeping it tucked in place. One of our favourite baby shower presents is this sleepsack set since it's adorable, useful, and helps to create a secure resting environment for infants.

 Silky Toes Non-Skid Infant Socks

Babies will love these Silky Toes socks because they are so soft. The lightweight, soft polyester fabric has elasticity. They'll prevent your child's feet from overheating while keeping them toasty. When your child stands up, the non-skid dots on the bottom come in helpful. The seamless toe seam is a wonderful feature. The young piggies will be shielded from abrasive seams and threads thanks to this modest touch. Size up to fit longer since the sizes do tend to run a little small.
Six pairs of socks in a variety of colours are included in each bundle. The sets with only one colour, however, are the greatest option in our opinion since you can still match the socks even when the separate components start to fade.