Discontinued Fashion Jewellery Online India 2022

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You’ve likely heard the terms “fine jewelry” and “fashion jewellery,” but do you really understand what they mean? After all, isn’t exquisite jewelry an element of “fashion”? Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two types of jewellery (and why fine jewelry always wins)!

What is the definition of fine jewelry?

Any jewellery made of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum is referred to as “fine jewellery.” Genuine gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are commonly used in fine jewellery. Fine jewellery is long-lasting and well-made. As a result, it can be worn on a regular basis.

What is the definition of fashion jewellery?

“Fashion jewelry,” on the other hand, refers to any jewellery that is not made of precious metals. Fashion jewelry, sometimes known as “costume jewellery,” is frequently constructed of base metals like brass, copper, or aluminum. Textiles and leather, as well as base metals plated with precious metals, can be used to create fashion jewelry. If a gemstone is used in fashion jewelry, it is nearly typically simulated, meaning the “gemstone” could be plastic, glass, or crystal (among others).

Fine Jewelry’s Advantages

When fine jewelry and stylish jewelry are compared side by side, it’s clear which is the best option. Fine jewelry is made to endure a lifetime and can even be passed down through generations.

Fashion jewelry serves a very different function. It’s designed to be incredibly low-cost. Because the metals used in fashion jewelry can’t tolerate heat, they can’t be repaired if they break. Unfortunately, the majority of fashion jewelry is easily broken. Fashion jewelry is also prone to bending and tarnishing, and it has little long-term value.