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Briefcases bag

A briefcase might help you get into the work mindset even if your commute to the office these days is from your bed to the kitchen table. A briefcase is a sleek, business-like way to transport your belongings if you're going to an office (but for now you might just use it to put your laptop when it's time to eat.) We've evaluated 25 briefcases over the past three years, packing them up and then walking, running, commuting, riding, and flying with them. (For heavier loads, though, it won't be as ergonomically pleasant as a backpack or messenger bag.) These six ought to be suitable for a wide range of carrying requirements, styles, and price ranges.

Stuart & Lau Cary Single Briefcase

The design, space, and comfort of the Stuart & Lau Cary Single Briefcase are unequalled. The Cary's totally waterproof shell appears more opulent than practical while being composed of nylon because to the elegant leather handles, straps, and details. The combination of leather and nylon provides the bag versatility in terms of appearance. The Cary will complement your appearance whether you wear a pinstripe navy suit to work or a pair of dark jeans and a printed button-up shirt. The Cary's leather handle is supple and easy to hold and won't irritate your skin even before it breaks in.

compact, affordable briefcase

The Filson Original Briefcase is a part of the long tradition of the Filson name being connected to durable, high-quality products. Even though it obviously falls on the more casual side of the briefcase scale, it is still attractive enough and has a certain rustic appeal that it won't appear completely out of place with a tweed coat or a blazer. This bag repels water and has a storm flap to further ensure that your laptop won't get wet. Its straps are made of bridle leather, a tougher leather that takes longer to break in but is smooth, durable, and customarily endowed with a darker colour. Bridle leather is produced by treating the leather with oils and then wax on both sides.

refined leather briefcase

A practical and attractive briefcase for a more formal office is the Carl Friedrik Palissy. The Palissy initially stood out during testing due to its symmetrical shape and the silky, rich tone of its leather. It has well-made, rigid feet that add to its stability and lift the bottom off the ground. The Palissy's distinctive design, which includes zippers that wrap around three of its sides, makes it simple to load and unload (the Linjer, which looks most similar to the Palissy, has a zipped opening across its top only). Furthermore, rather from sticking straight up like a pair of rabbit ears, this bag's soft handles fall to the side as you set it down.

streamlined leather briefcase

In a word, the Carl Friedrik Vallance is stylish. The Vallance's spotlessness might be used to promote it, as opposed to the Palissy's use of symmetrical lines and clean lines to sell itself. The handles of the Vallance briefcase only touch the top of the bag, as opposed to the thicker straps that line the sides of the Palissy briefcase. The Palissy features a large zipper, but the Vallance just has a top zipper. As long as you're only carrying the necessities—a laptop, your wallet, and a road map for your glitzy, windswept road trip along the coast—the Vallance looks immaculate and is simple enough to open and close.

inexpensive leather briefcase

All of your necessities will fit in the Fossil Haskell Double Zip Briefcase, which is also easy to carry. A 15-inch laptop, a tablet or paperback book, an e-reader, a notebook, an umbrella, a USB power pack, pens, pencils, and the necessary charging wires may all fit comfortably in the leather bag. However, even when it is completely packed, the Haskell maintains its silhouette thanks to its canopy's two zipped portions that enable orderly packing. Even though it is constructed of leather, the Haskell is only slightly heavier than 2 12 pounds, which is far less than any other leather bag we considered. Either the smooth leather handle or the shoulder strap make carrying it easy.

Sterling Cady Briefcase

Because it features numerous pocket slots, the Carrying Sterling Cady case is prepared to offer your laptop and other belongings like your papers, pens, gadget, chargers, and much more an excellent level of security. With a tough, water-resistant, non-scratch exterior and a silky, smooth nylon interior for maximum protection. A robust rubberized top carrying handle on the Cady case will lessen arm and back fatigue.