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The laws of cricket govern cricket apparel and equipment. Cricket whites, often known as flannels, are loose-fitting garments worn by cricket players to allow them to move freely while playing. Protective gear, such as cricket helmets, gloves, and pads, is likewise governed.
Cricket is a sport that necessitates a plethora of equipment in order to be safe and play at peak levels. Protective clothing, cricket training equipment, and cricket ground equipment are all examples of this. This handy guide explains what to look for when buying cricket equipment, as well as what cricket training tools are available to help you improve your game.


Cricket is played with a cork ball that is wrapped with leather. Cricket balls, which weigh between 155.9 and 163 grams, are extremely hard and can cause injuries when they collide with the body. Red and white are the two most prevalent cricket ball colors, with red being used in Test and First Class cricket and white being used in One-day cricket.


Cricket bats are composed of flat wood and are attached to a conical handle. They must be no longer than 96.5 centimeters in length and no wider than 10.8 centimeters in width. While no standard weight exists, most bats weigh between 1.2 and 1.4 kg.


Every match requires cricket players to wear a polo t-shirt. Long-sleeved polo t-shirts, as well as a woolen jumper or vest, are sometimes worn depending on the weather. In addition, players are required to wear white long trousers.
Baseball caps, sun hats, and cricket caps are all acceptable headwear options. In order to improve traction on the playing field, players also wear spiked shoes.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cricket players, like those in many other sports, are required to wear protective equipment to ensure their safety during the game. In order to protect themselves from the impact of the ball hitting the body, batsmen and wicket keepers typically wear an abdominal guard, also known as a cup, box, or abdo guard.

Kangaroo Kahuna

All cricketers are familiar with the cricket bat brand Kookaburra, which is well-known throughout the world. It boasts a broad variety of bats, with the Kahuna being regarded as the best of the bunch. Its pristine hitting surface and straight, perfectly spaced grains produce maximum impact while combining a light take up with high power. It makes excellent strokes thanks to its precise design, square face, sturdy edges, and beautiful bow.

5.0 Adidas Libro

Adidas is a well-known brand in international sports for its wide selection of sporting goods, including shoes, backpacks, and jerseys. Additionally, it produces cricket bats. One of the most sought-after bats in international cricket is the Libro 5.0. It was created for batsmen who have the strength to play an aggressive style of cricket. It features a fantastic profile that flows through the thickened centre and bow, with beautiful edges providing exceptional uptake and balance.

Kaboom Gray Nicolls

For the first time, colourful bat labels were utilised by Gray-Nicolls, a company that produces some of the greatest bats in the business. The Gray-Nicolls Kaboom is of the finest calibre and was created using the most recent bat technology. The outcome is evident in this distinctive cricket gear, which demonstrates how the company has successfully maintained the ideal balance between history and innovation.

Icon of Gunn & Moore

The most skilled craftsmen are employed by Gunn & Moore, who create cricket bats in some of the most cutting-edge facilities in the business using premium English Willow. The only company that can combine cutting-edge DXM technology with 125 years of expertise in making cricket bats is GM. Modern materials and unmatched design are used to create the GM Icon.

Greenlands Savage Xtreme Sanspareils

Sanspareils Greenlands, also referred to as SG, is the biggest producer of cricket equipment worldwide. It is also India's top brand for cricket equipment. Famous first-class cricketers and international players serve on the R&D team of SG as panel members and offer insightful comments so that the gears can be updated appropriately. This manufacturer has just released a bat with a mid-level bulge that is perfect for players who enjoy improvising.