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Men jewallary

Brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks are examples of jewellery or jewellery worn for personal ornamentation. Jewelry can be worn on the body or on the clothes. From a Western perspective, the term refers only to long-lasting ornamentation, such as flowers. Metals such as gold, which is typically paired with gemstones, have been the standard material for jewellery for many centuries, but other materials such as shells and other plant materials can also be utilised.

Guys's Rings:

Wristwatches and bracelets have long been popular among men who prefer to accessorise their clothing, but men's rings are rarely mentioned. Rings are significant in both the emotional and the fashion worlds. As a result, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the item. Few items, after all, allow you to express yourself in a completely unique way.

Gifting jewellery

Gifting jewellery to males has a specific meaning between two people. While males are more likely to offer jewellery to women, it's time to turn the tide and give jewellery to the special man in your life. Bracelets for guys make excellent gifts because they are unexpected and full of surprises for the receiver.


Spanish jeweller Emily Armenta created the hand-crafted jewellery collection known as Armenta. Early Spanish and Moorish architecture, as well as Spanish poet Lorca, serve as sources of inspiration for Emily. Men's jewellery by Armenta is among the most distinctive you'll find; it has an old-world, romantic, enchanted aesthetic and appears to be something you might discover in a sunken treasure chest.


Italian jewellery design house Buccellati has been in business for more than a century and is family-owned. Old-fashioned processes are used to meticulously hand-craft each piece.

Caputo & Company

Designer Alex Caputo of New York City launched Caputo & Co. to create eco-friendly leather accessories. The Caputo fashion is influenced by both Central and American cultures.


The luxury jewellery and watch brand Cartier is French. Known as the "King of Jewelers," Cartier is worn by several royals and famous people. Several items in the men's jewellery collection are modifications of the collections for ladies (e.g. Panthere, Trinity de Cartier, etc.). However, certain designs (such as the men's Tank ring) were taken directly from the line of men's watches.

Elizabeth Zadeh

Iranian-born Catherine Zadeh, a jewellery designer living in New York, is known for her "urban chic" designs that are influenced by art and architecture.


Philippe Charriol established the jewellery store Charriol in Hong Kong. The twisted cable motifs of the ancient Celts serve as inspiration for Charriol's fashionable yet sporty jewellery.

Yurman, David

A prominent American jeweller is David Yurman. The cable bracelet that David Yurman debuted in the middle of the 1980s and is still in demand today is his distinctive style. The collection for men emphasises strong, sterling appearances highlighted with exotic stones, with pave diamonds or other valuable stones appearing on occasion.


The beauty of jewellery is that it is accessible to anybody, regardless of age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status (all it takes is a bit of fashion heart to know what suits the self). Our new line of jewellery for men in India is here to show them how it's done when it comes to the fine art of slick accessorising. You may choose from a plethora of exciting colours, patterns, and materials while shopping for men's jewellery. Be a trendsetter by purchasing men's jewellery from Amazon.

You'll find a wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more from top-tier designers like Ayesha, Alpha Man, DIESEL, DressBerry, Fume, Revv, ETC. in our collection of jewellery for men in India. Are you planning a Valentine's Day surprise for your girlfriend? Use the silver Ilu Forever chains by Diovanni. From our collection of men's jewellery, this sweet set has two pendants—one an envelope with the words "I love you" and the other a heart with an arrow—that are perfect for a romantic gesture. To express your inner badass, wear this brown leather Fume unisex bracelet with bronze buttons and distress design. Wearing this piece of jewellery designed for guys with a graphic shirt, dark wash jeans, and leather boots will give you a style that is perfect for a night out at a rock concert. These black and gold Revv men's rings will help you maintain your status as a traditionalist with their square outer frame and metal loop in the centre. Pair this men's jewellery with a kurta and Churidar to channel your inner bad guy during the next festival.

Delhi has a long and storied past, and renowned designer Rohit Bal says that this period, the Mughal one, continues to impact the city's style. Whether it's the jewellery or the clothing, Delhiites of both sexes love to dress in a classic, old-fashioned style. Fine, thick materials are favoured for gararas, shararas, and sarees. In the fall and winter, both sexes tend to choose more conservative clothing, with heavy coats and fur being particularly popular. Silver Jadau and polki jewellery is more popular with ladies than diamond jewellery. He discovers that the residents of Delhi are preoccupied with their appearance and enjoy any excuse to dress up. Delhi's jharokhas, with their intricate designs and superb carvings, were among the city's architectural highlights that left an impression on him. He described the style of Delhi as "traditionally seductive."

A new element has been added to the frenzy: an increase in men's interest in jewellery purchasing. They are preparing to tap into their inner artist by donning beautiful jewellery. According to a study by Euromonitor International, India is rapidly approaching the United States to take the third spot as the world's biggest market for men's jewellery. The market for men's jewellery is anticipated to increase by 36.4% to reach '954 crore by the end of the forecast period. Various pieces of jewellery for men are available, all of which have sleek, manly designs. Many men in the major cities of India now now stock up on flashy accessories like bracelets, studs, rings, cufflinks, and chains. They like gold jewellery but only if it's lightweight. It is common to find necklaces, bracelets, and tough cuffs in shops, each with its own distinct design inspired by the environment, history, and culture. states Luxury jewellery retailer House of Ganjam's retail head Dushyanth Ganjam, who has stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore, was quoted as stating, "Nowadays, men are actively involved in making decisions about the style, stones, and quality of their engagement rings. They consider it a good investment and also want to provide an unusual present." Males in their twenties and thirties living in urban areas are mostly responsible for this trend. About 8-10% of all jewellery buyers fall under this category. Most of them make their own selections and go jewellery shopping on their own. Quite a few of them also buy presents for their significant others. According to the data, males account for 15-20% of the gold and platinum jewellery market. Bracelets and rings are the most popular types of jewellery purchased as a fashion accessory.

Men's jewellery is having a moment

Men's jewellery has been a cultural norm for millennia. In fact, historically speaking, regal jewellery was more elaborate than queenly jewellery. Period and generations have passed, yet there was once a time when only women could wear jewellery and males had few options. Our progress since then is remarkable. To begin, the acceptance and pursuit of stereotypical labels are not what they used to be. Like many other sectors of the fashion business and beyond, the emphasis on gender in jewellery is becoming less significant. The 21st century is all about challenging norms and sex roles, and men today enjoy doing it with gusto. Whether you're a male or a woman, it's true that you'll feel more confident if you think you look nice.

Kohinoor Jewellers Agra & Kohgem, PP Jewellers, RK Jewellers South Ex-2, and Narayan Jewellers have compiled a list of the hottest new styles and designs in men's jewellery to help you step up your own style.

Tie clips: jewellers Wearing a tie to every event may grow old, whether it's for business or play. Because of this, more and more men are sporting tie pins. These days, you may choose from gold or silver tie pins that are studded with diamonds, or any number of other designs.

Tie pins: wearing just a tie to a work event, or any event, can get boring. Because of this, more and more men are sporting tie pins. These days, you may choose from gold or silver tie pins that are studded with diamonds, or any number of other designs.
The lapel pin, a classic accessory that has recently made a comeback, is a great illustration of the kind of element that can give an outfit an indelible, refined air. After decades of being reserved for only the most important occasions, men are now searching for fashionable alternatives that can be worn on a daily basis.
Bracelets, especially oval ones, are no longer just for ladies. Men of all ages enjoy tinkering with this accessory, which can be purchased in a variety of metals and stone settings, including gold, white gold, and leather belts with diamonds or coloured stones. For more of a laid-back vibe, choose a diamond in titanium or leather; for fancier events, go with the classic gold.

Men's cufflinks are the go-to accessory for formal events like weddings and other gatherings. Jewelry, which can be found in a rainbow of hues and styles, elevates an outfit to the next level. Cufflinks have gained popularity among today's youth. Customized cufflinks are also becoming more popular. They are perfect for big days like weddings, but their emotional value will last for decades.
The right pair of cufflinks can do wonders for a man's formal attire. You may round up the ensemble with a beautiful tiepin and buttons. As a little, unobtrusive accessory, cufflinks are often overlooked. However, when it comes to design, guys have more leeway to choose solutions with a little more flair.
Signet ring: Historically, rings have been given as tokens of commitment or family membership. In general, it's wise to stick to tried-and-true methods. An eternity band made of diamonds may be worn alongside a wedding band made of the same material (on a different finger, of course) in the future.
Charming as can be, broaches are a must-have accessory. It goes well with both ethnic garb and indo-western styles. The animal designs made of diamonds, gold, and other coloured stones are quite luxurious.
Necklaces: Jewelry is a great way to express yourself and add a unique touch to your look. Men nowadays are more likely to wear necklaces than ever before. If you're going out for the night, you should definitely go for the chain look. Men can experiment with a touch of mystery by wearing a chain of medium weight with a small pendant. When it comes to weddings, they are capable of going all out. Grooms are increasingly trying out new combinations, such as a loose choker with long hair. Multi-layered haar of emeralds and rubies or any other precious stones is really stylish.

With jewellery for men having a renaissance moment

Misho Man :- Misho's jewellery is like a work of contemporary architecture for the body; it is both sculptural and architectural in design. Suhani Parekh, known for her bold, characterful designs, has expanded her line to include menswear with Misho Man. Among the selections are the unique Misho 'Zodiac Medallion' and 'Textured Initial' necklaces, as well as a wide selection of signet rings, some of which have colourful tendrils. In lieu of milky pearls, stunning Tahitian black pearl pendants are now worn, while bracelets made from stones like Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx are used to set fashion trends.

Anu Merton :- Alluding to Indian workmanship, Anu Merton creates fanciful patterns that become immediate keepsakes. Merton's goal is to make high-quality, handcrafted jewellery available to more people. Quartz pendants never fail to impress, and they look especially sharp on males, whether worn alone or piled high in a string of harmony. The transparent "Hamsa Quartz" pendant and the heavenly "Chanda Quartz" pendant are at the top of our wish list. Merton's jewellery is akin to heirlooms; examples include the "Adrika on Fresh Water Pearl," which depicts the stunning imperfections and nostalgic nature of pearls.

Eurumme :- Gender is not an issue when it comes to purchasing jewellery from Eurumme. It's a way to put one's own stamp on the world. Recently, they released version 2.0 of their Genderfluid edit, which features an array of jewellery that is both understated and eye-catching. This includes simple structural rings, chunky necklaces, and unabashedly ostentatious bracelets. Their jewellery will take pride of place in your jewellery box because of the unique texture the gold gives it. The 'Oblong' ring, 'Parallel Square' ring, and 'Cube' Ring are all timeless classics that, when stacked, make a huge statement.
Eina Ahluwalia :- Inscribed jewellery, whether it be with our initials or a meaningful phrase, has the power to create a profound emotional connection. Necklaces with your initials or name carved into what seems to be liquid gold are available from Eina Ahluwalia. You can get a pendant with your name on it in English, Devanagari, or Arabic, or you can get one with Ma, Faith, Desire, or Love. The 'All Seeing Eye' necklace is drawing our attention since it is a well-made staple item that would look great on any man who like understated accessories.
Legend Amrapali :- Legend Amrapali is renowned for its talismanic treasures, which are made of heirloom-quality fine jewellery that fuses ancient and contemporary design elements. Proof of this can be found in their Heritage and Enamel collections, where modern enamel and textured gold are used to depict religious symbols, with the occasional addition of a diamond for sparkle. Necklaces in the "Ruby Round" and "Hamsa Diamond" styles are available for men to borrow. For us, the "Hamsa Enameled" necklace is a must-have; it's an heirloom piece that will last a lifetime.
Tanzire :- Who says the lads can't inherit Grandma's pearls? Tanzire's newest offering, fashioned from glossy pearls, can become instant heirlooms if you haven't already inherited any. Two of the most traditional pearl necklace styles are the "Baroque Pearl Rope Chain" and the "Beaded Pearl Choker," both of which are made with genuine freshwater pearls. The 'Statement Pearl Chain' bracelet and the 'Pearl Spiral' ring are your best bet if understatement is what you're after. The pearls have been updated for a modern look.
RAF :-  RAF is known for its delicate earrings, slim lariats, and stackable rings, all of which exude an air of quiet luxury. Their jewellery is affordable and simple to wear since it is made with genuine gold and diamonds that have not been mined in areas where they may cause violence. The "Diamond Evil Eye" necklace, a prominent 2021 trend, is at the top of our men's wish list. Next in line is the 'Diamond Horn' earring, which is ideal for covert glitz. Layer them carefree to best show off their enticing slim and delicate silhouettes.
STAC :- STAC's signature bling is its emphasis on individualised jewellery. You may wear one or a whole bunch of pendants—initial ones in both Roman and Devanagari script, zodiac sign ones, and constellation ones—on a chain around your neck or dangling from your wrist. They provide a wide variety of evil-eye jewellery, including dangling charms, dangling earrings, and iced-out rings, all perfect for the glitz-seekers among you. You can trust that each of these "staples" will be an indispensable part of any stack.
Zohra :- Though their offerings for males are limited, the ones they do have are high quality and much sought after. The Indus collection features hand-etched, textured gold necklaces with designs based on ancient Indus statues and seals, such as the Zebu necklace, the Rudra necklace, and the Priest King necklace. Wearing them, you may put your own imprint on your ensemble.
Lunaya :- Lunaya's fine and demi-fine pieces reimagine the classics with a dash of color, thanks to the use of vibrant gemstones and colourful enamel accents. Gemstones like sapphires, diamonds, and dangling drops of rose quartz and turquoise can be found in their jewelry. Two delicate options are the "Hexa Blue Sapphire Charm" and the "Malachite Gemstone Amulet," both of which can be layered indefinitely thanks to their small size. The 'Eyes On Me' signet ring and the 'Baguette' rings in a variety of colour combinations are must-haves if you're a ring person.
Soraya :- Soraya's minimalist designs are all on clean lines and basic forms. It's amazing how many different ways you can style each piece, since you may wear them alone, stacked, or together. Our best bets are the 'Face' necklace, the 'Imprinted Stone' necklace, and the 'Drop' pendant, all of which are subtle but effective additions to your wardrobe.
Mirayah :- Indulge in Mirayah's gold handiwork, which is inspired by geometry and proportions to create minimal but adaptable patterns. A few key items, like the 'Link' chain and the 'Double Layered' chain, are being highlighted for the male demographic.
Aarka :- Aarka's gold-plated accessories are a safe bet for any man looking to add a touch of glimmer to his casual look. Their embossed "Neptunia" chain, inspired by the sea-god Poseidon, and the double-layered "Luna" chain are the show-stoppers, but they have a wide variety of options, from delicate chains that can be worn in tiered layers to the chunky linked chain, "Arjun," specially designed for the Aarka Man.
Méro :- Méro, surrounded by a sea of gold and pearls, praises the timeless beauty of silver jewellery. Their minimalist edit is one that any man would enjoy perusing, from the items that would appeal to minimalists to the more overdone ones. Their "Guys's Silver Chain" is designed to look well on men, their Evil Eye pendants in all their guises are fun to wear, and the "Miniature Elephant Ring" will quickly become a go-to accessory.