Traditional Jewellery

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Jewellery is connected with marriage in India. Weddings are very rich and unique in their own way because of their traditional jewellery. The traditional style of the jewellery is completed with exclusive designs and craftsmanship. Traditional gold jewellery has been passed down through the years, and many families still have pieces dating back decades. Armlets, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, fingerings, toe rings, nose rings, anklets, pendants, and waistbands are some of the numerous pieces of jewellery available.

Different cultures and locations have their own own designs and works. The south is recognised for its enormous temple-inspired designs, the north for its exclusive carved designs, the west for its mirrored and stoned works, and the east for its beaded work.

A married girl is symbolised with a pair of toe rings. These toe rings are usually made of silver and can even have a stone set in them. Women from various civilizations wear nose rings in a variety of styles. Large nose rings were worn in the north, and the nose rings were sometimes larger than the bangles they wore. The larger nose ring signifies the husband's riches. Nose rings are known as nath in the west, and they are constructed of pearls and stones. Traditional temple necklaces and prominent kolhapuri sajh patterns are in high demand.

The traditional panchangal, which is a five-ring connected gold jewellery for all of the fingers in a hand, is cherished by North Indians. The gold or silver waistband, also known as the kamarband, is studded with precious stones. Earrings are available in a variety of styles and designs, including the classic long jhukams, which are lengthy and thick with intricate ornamentation. There are two sorts of anklets: moveable and immovable.


An ornament known as a "nath" is typically worn by ladies in Maharashtra on their noses on important occasions like weddings or poojas. It is made of pearls and has a pink or white stone in the centre. The Nath, an ornament for the nose that is unlike any other nosepin in style, completes the traditional appearance of Maharashtrian ladies. Bramhani nath is one of the well-known naths embellished with emerald and basra pearl. Naths come in many styles.


Thushi is a neckpiece in the choker fashion that is intricately weaved with gold beads. You can adjust it to fit your neck thanks to the adjustable dori that is included. When paired with a paithani saree, it looks great.

Mala Mohan

Mohan mala is a lengthy, multi-layered golden necklace made of strings of golden beads. The number of layers may range from 2 to 8.

Indra Lakshmi

Other names for Lakshmi haar include currency necklace and temple necklace. The coin is adorned with beautiful carvings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.

Saaj Kolhapuri

Among Maharashtrian ladies, Kolhapuri saaj is well-known and just as unique as a Mangalsutra. It is constructed of 21 leaves-shaped pendants and jav mani (golden beads). Each pendant has a distinct meaning that is well known. Out of these 21, 10 pendant represent each of Lord Vishnu's ten avatars, 2 pendent include rubies and emeralds, 8 pendent represent ashtamangal (ashta means eight and mangal means good things), and the final pendent represents taviz.


Ambada is a classic hairstyle that is tied in a circle and decorated with old bun pins (ambada).

Ear Cuff/Kaan

The traditional ear cuff known as kaan is decorated with pearls or may be entirely made of gold to enhance your ears.

shawl Moti har

A classic pearl choker-style necklace set called a tikada set is made with pearls. A tikada set may include numerous pendents for extra interest or just one central pendent.

Raphael Haar

A long pearl necklace called a rani haar has three layers of pearl string and a pendant in the middle. When paired with paithani, it appears stunning and very beautiful.