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A changing pair of eyeglasses may completely transform your appearance, just like wispy bangs or a cherry-colored pout. Tortoiseshell specs have a shady academic vibe to them. For the mustachioed men of Brooklyn, wire-rimmed frames are essential. Then there's Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, who wears metallic aviator spectacles. We asked bespectacled women to recommend their best eye-catching and face-framing frames. If you need more glasses, here's a list of everything we've published about the best eyewear.

Best eyeglasses with clear frames

Clear-framed spectacles are now regarded as a classic and have been seen on celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Robert Downey Jr. Mei Tao, a photographer, is sporting a pair of Warby Parker acetate eyeglasses. Tao adores them for their conventional rectangular design and low bridge fit. The crystal hue makes it simple to match them with whatever I'm wearing, and they don't distract from a Zoom conference, according to the wearer. Hailey Rizzo, the creator of the blog Feeling Good As Hail and a regular contact user, chooses the Chamberlain anytime her eyes need a rest. She also describes them as "subtly bold." However, Rizzo finds it most vital that the glasses don't slip down her nose (especially as her skin is on the oilier side). "These don't leave unpleasant indents on my nose like my other pair did after wearing them for a while." She is their "whiskey tortoise" owner.

Warby Parker Faye Eyeglasses

Our ladies with glasses most often cited Warby Parker, either because they already had them or because they wished they did. Consider this pink-tinted, round cat-eyed pair from the firm if you like the appearance of metal and acetate mixed but don't want to spend as much money. They resemble the (now sold out) pair of shoes from the brand's Chlo Sevigny collaboration that Strategist writer Dominique Pariso purchased the previous year. As Pariso put it, "Finding a pair with this specific appearance that fits my broad face is a rare and valuable thing. As someone who's worn glasses for 15 years, I can state with some assurance that. So when I saw that they were once again available, I hurriedly purchased a second pair in case I broke the first one (not if). The Warby Parker Faye frames also feature a wide fit and come in a rose finish in addition to a black and tortoise frame, albeit the identical pair is no longer offered.

SEE 0546 Core Eyeglasses

Liza Corsillo, a senior strategist writer who also wears transparent frames, claims that SEE is the only store where she will get eyeglasses. She notes that since she can't see properly without glasses or contact lenses until anything is roughly an inch away from her face, her selection of glasses is severely constrained. Going frameless or choosing a delicate frame is often out of the question when Corsillo is looking for new eyeglasses since she has to find ones that can accommodate the bigger lenses that come with her prescription. The personnel at SEE Eyewear in Soho are really nice and refreshingly practical when it comes to which frames would work with my coke-bottle lenses since I have spent a lot of money trying to discover what works for both my face and my prescription. As a result, I no longer shop anywhere else. The current pair of Corsillo, which feature clear frames and tortoise stems, are no longer offered by SEE. According to Corsillo, "I love them both for style (they're not boring, but they match with everything) and wearability (they sort of blend in so I don't feel like I'm wearing blinders) This pair has the same form and colour as the previous one, but without tortoiseshell stems.

Oliver Peoples Finley Esq. Eyeglasses

The Wardrobe Whisperer stylist Jessica Cadmus no longer needs glasses because of lasik surgery. But she does often assist her customers in choosing their eyeglasses while taking into account their facial shape, skin tone, and eye colour. This pair of Oliver Peoples shoes is her latest go-to suggestion. She claims that their form, which is not quite square but completely oval, is nearly universally flattering. The modified circular form of these lenses, she continues, "has something about it that complements a variety of facial types." Additionally, they feature top ends that resemble cat eyes to further frame the eyes. Although she notes that the tortoiseshell colour would match with practically every outfit, she like them more in the transparent tint.

Warby Parker Robbie Frames

Three of the then-four editors of Strategist sported wire-rimmed glasses at one point in time, and since then, the design has remained a popular among Strategist writers. Deals writer Leah Muncy purchased her set of wire-rimmed glasses from Warby Parker last year. She continues, "They're still one of my favourite purchases from 2020." a year later. She prefers wire frames over acetate because they seem so much lighter on the face, particularly if you need thick lenses like she does. For her, the attraction is both functional and artistic. The majority of wire frames are too round or aviator-like for me, but these are slightly rounded off, making them more attractive and just awesome. They have also held up. There isn't a scratch on them even after months of regular use, according to Muncy.

Tom Ford Cat-Eye Acetate Optical Frames

Hilary Reid, one of the authors of this tale, purchased these spectacles last year after wearing rimless glasses for many years. She is happy she made the change. For starters, the tortoiseshell provides a brightness to the dark acetate of the frames, which is attractive and something Reid won't grow tired of in a year. Reid appreciates that she can just set them on her nightstand without having to worry about damaging or scratching them (something she always worries about with rimless pairs).

Anne & Valentin Duvall Eyeglasses

Another convert to Anne & Valentin is the account director at LaRue PR, Sophia Aitmoussa. When she was a student waitress, one of her regulars told her about the company; shortly after, she visited its Prince Street location. Despite trying on pairs from Warby Parker and Ray-Ban and window-shopping at Pearle Vision for her monthly eye test, she has never acquired glasses from another brand. Although Aitmoussa's original spectacles are now out of sale, she claims that they are quite comparable due to their traditional round form. "They were quite the investment for a 21-year-old, so I was hesitant about acquiring them, but they've really paid off, and I still love them as much as I did when I first bought them years ago," the buyer said. She sometimes forgets she is wearing the glasses since they are so lightweight.

The Retro Black Frame Womens Sunglass

This pair of black sunglasses would look good on an older lady. The sunglasses' classic style would undoubtedly attract ladies. The glass's cat-eye structure also reflects the current fashion. Purchase it for any of your outfits and use it to look great outside!

The Printed Hand Women’s Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses stands out because to its wide, light chocolate brown frame. Because of the pattern on them, the sunglasses' hands are distinctive. In addition, the combination of the light and dark brown colours creates a stylish appearance. This eyewear is a must-have for you since it can easily match any attire.