Women Running Shoes

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Women Running Shoes

The finest running shoes for women have the same category-leading qualities as the best shoes in general—they're light, cosy, cushioned, and just enough supportive where you need it. But some of the major variations between men's and women's running shoes can be found at that point of support. Browse our selections below, or scroll down for in-depth reviews of the footwear that our female testers gave particularly high marks for. Additionally, you'll discover professional buying tips and assistance.

The Hip Factor

Researchers have also discovered that women are more likely than males to have wider hips, which makes it more probable for their feet to make contact with the ground at the outside of their shoe bottoms. Pronation is the term for the inward rolling of the foot that arises from this, which explains why more women are thought to overpronate than males. Some women's running shoes use various materials for support via the sole to adapt for this increased inclination.

Blissfeel by Lululemon

Lululemon's first running shoe, the Blissfeel, is made particularly for women. For instance, the eight-degree heel angle is ideal for a woman's heel strike (a man's is typically approximately 15 degrees). The shoe provides adequate cushioning and is flexible with a slight snap on toe off. One reviewer compared this brand-new trainer to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, a well-cushioned workhorse shoe. A single layer of thick foam serves as the midsole, while the forefoot and heel of the shoe's outsole are comprised of different types of rubber, one of which is softer and more durable. With a contoured heel collar that is relatively low on the ankle, the top is both breathable and flexible.


The Glycerin has steadily changed from being seen only as a daily, every-run workhorse to a significantly cushioned recovery shoe. The feedback we received from our wear-testers, who gushed over this trainer's adaptability, and our own observations from the miles we logged as both long runs and speedwork provide evidence for that. The DNA Loft v3 midsole, which is new to the Glycerin 20, is much softer, more resilient, and more responsive than Brooks's prior foam.

Puma Deviate Nitro Racing

If you overpronate, the Deviate Nitro's small waist and ultrasoft, springy midsole may make you feel less stable. However, individuals who had neutral gait happily tolerated considerable sway during the thrilling trip. The top layer of the shoe has been changed from the original's TPE-based, nitrogen-injected foam to the more upscale, Pebax-based Nitro Elite foam used on Puma's top racers. Additionally, the carbon-composite plate benefits. Puma deepened the fork in the toe and reduced the heel's outside corners to let the shoe fall more smoothly.