Intensive hair care

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Thorough hair care

The powerful hair care serum from Iluvia creates an insulative barrier that shields hair from the heat and damage caused by straightening, drying, and other styling procedures, keeping it lustrous and healthy.It restores the hair's lipid barrier, lessens tangling, and improves manageability. Pure Moroccan argan oil and olive squalene oil are used in its preparation.


We all have one thing in common: Regardless of your hair type, you're undoubtedly putting it through the ringer, whether you have curls, coils, waves, or pin-straight hair. Damage, split ends, and breakage appear to be commonplace these days thanks to heat tools, ponytails, and everything else. Deep conditioners, however, can help in this situation. According to hairstylist and co-founder of dpHUE Justin Anderson, "Deep conditioning treatments are wonderful for adding hydration to dull-looking hair to provide a softer, shiner look."

Strong Conditioner

The Intensive Conditioner, the strongest conditioner in Tracee Eliss Ross's range for curly and textured hair, is brimming with calming natural oils that moisturise and shape curls even before you step out of the shower.

Unbelievable Oil Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner

This oil-infused mask can smooth, moisturise, and detangle hair in only 60 seconds. Due to our daily dedication to self-care, we choose to leave it on a little longer (and hair care).

Rebuild, don't despair! Mask for deep conditioning

All the nourishing ingredients known to man—B vitamins, rosehip oil, argan oil, collagen, and silk proteins—are included in this once-weekly mask for dry hair. Give it just five minutes, and your hair will be back.

Mask for Deep Moisture

Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye introduced his hair care brand last year, and the Deep Moisture Mask has since become a cult favourite. Over time, squalane, hemi-squalane, and rice protein work as a powerful trio to increase the strength of the strands. For shinier and frizz-free results, use it prior to heat styling.

Deep Conditioning Treatment with Baomint

With this deep conditioner, your hair feels refreshed and comforted from the scalp to the tip of each curl. Additionally, we adore the pure formula and subdued mint aroma.

Control & Moisture Masque for deep treatment

Although this Oribe mask for mending damage and smoothing cuticles is costly, think of it as an investment in your hair. It is also quite cost-effective when you consider how many uses you will get out of it (as opposed to just one trip to the salon).

Ideal Repair Leave-In Therapy

I'll assure you that this deep conditioner is unlike any other you've used previously. One benefit is that once you apply it to your hair, you don't need to rinse it off; it comes out of the bottle as a foam that is lighter than air. However, the formula's bamboo stem cells, keratin, and argan oil should help damage be repaired as if it never existed.

Mask with Hydro Crème Soothing

Your hair occasionally requires more support. Thanks to a little skincare component called hyaluronic acid, this profoundly hydrating mask not only gives dry hair moisture, but it also soothes your scalp.

Hairwash and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner set is from a company that hair stylists adore. Amodimethicone is used in its formulation to heal exterior damage and leaving your hair stronger and softer. Your hair is helped to retain moisture by glycerin. Tea, carbomer, and papaya's scent invigorate your hair while nourishing, conditioning, and repairing damaged hair.

Damage-Recovery Serum for Hair Food

With a special combination of hemp extract and manuka honey, the Damage Recovery Serum from HAIR FOOD restores, repairs, and hydrates dry and damaged hair. Your hair becomes extremely shiny and velvety soft as a result. This serum is made to deeply hydrate damp hair and get rid of split ends. It has a pleasantly refreshing scent and is paraben-, sulfate-, and dye-free.

Castor oil from Jamaica

A growth compound of eucalyptus, coconut, and rosemary is included in Bronner Brothers' Jamaican Black Castor Oil to revive and fortify damaged hair. The oil nourishes the hair shafts, penetrates the roots, and locks in moisture. Additionally, the soybean and fruit oils improve skin suppleness and minimise the look of fine wrinkles, which is good for the skin.

Vitamin Leave-In Treatment from UNA

The organic vitamins in the UNA Vitamin Leave-In Treatment mend the porous regions to promote shine and brightness in the hair. They minimise frizz and static without weighing the hair down, stabilise damaged cuticles, and hydrate weak hair. Working on both healthy and damaged hair, this spray.