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A hair conditioner is a product that improves the feel, look, and manageability of hair. Its major goal is to reduce friction between hair strands, allowing for gentler brushing or combing that may otherwise cause scalp damage. [1] Other benefits, such as hair restoration, strengthening, or a reduction in split ends, are frequently touted.Conditioners come in a variety of forms, such as sticky liquids, gels, and creams, as well as lighter lotions and sprays. After shampooing, hair conditioner is frequently applied to the hair. It is applied to the hair and rubbed into it, then washed away or left in for a brief time.

Conditioner is frequently applied after shampooing. Conditioner makes hair softer and simpler to handle, while shampoo is designed to remove sweat, dead skin cells, and hair products. It also shields the hair shafts from harm.

 conditioner for normal hair

Jordan advises Sachajuan's Normal Hair Conditioner for people seeking a product that will soften hair without making it feel heavy. For regular hair types, "it'll be just hydrating enough and not overly moisturising," she adds. However, for dry hair or hair that has been severely damaged, "it's going to deliver your standard level of hydration, which might not be enough." All of the products from the company use sea algae, which contributes to the product's moisturising qualities. "We find that it is as claimed—extremely moisturising without being heavy at all."

lightweight conditioner

Masami Hosono, a hairstylist and creative director of Vacancy Project, advises using Malin + Goetz's Cilantro Conditioner if you want something really light. We really enjoy it because we don't want anything overly hydrating, which might result in hair that is quite thick and flat, according to Hosono. The reason for this is primarily that the stylists at Vacancy Project want to let the hair's natural texture show rather than forcing it with a highly purposeful style of blow-dry or brush curl.

conditioner for thick hair

This conditioner from Joico is a mainstay, according to hairstylist and owner of Aesthetics Salon Yene Damtew, whose clientele includes the former First Lady Michelle Obama. It has the dual benefits of conditioning and detangling hair. Although it is made primarily for thicker, coarser hair types that require a little more moisture, she claims that it has decent slide and can be used on all hair types.

conditioner for sensitive scalps

Damtew claims that all Briogeo conditioners work like magic. Aisha Rickford, a previous Strategist intern, and Rio Viera-Newton both love Briogeo's deep conditioning mask and co-wash, respectively. However, Damtew suggests this conditioner from the Be Gentle, Be Kind range. It is designed for those who are allergic to lactose, soy, gluten, essential oils, aroma, or other ingredients.

 conditioner for wavy and curly hair

Ash Fritzler, a master stylist at the Bird House salon who specialises in cutting and styling curly hair, recommended this conditioner from R+Co. for "pretty much everybody with curly hair" after our extensive investigation into the best products for curly hair types. According to Fritzler, it keeps the scalp balanced while still leaving the hair feeling clean.

conditioner for all hair types

Greg Ruggeri, owner of Salon Ruggeri, claims that Iles has solutions for hair types ranging from fine to medium, coarse, or frizzy. The fact that this product crosses over on so many levels is what I appreciate about it. Ruggeri, who uses the vitamin-B5-rich conditioner every day in his salon, claims that it is sulphate free and smells genuinely "clean." He claims that it performs unlike anything we have ever witnessed.

conditioner for thin or fine hair

The stylists we spoke to advised against using a typical conditioner if you have very thin or fine hair. Jordan claims that a leave-in conditioner is sufficient for those with extremely fine hair. They typically have a lighter weight while still being quite hydrating. She finds Sachajuan's leave-in conditioner "wonderful" and suggests it for people with coarse hair who need a bit additional moisture even after conditioning in the shower as well as for people with fine hair.