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Leggings are tight, form-fitting trousers that stretch from the waist to the ankles; they are also known as tights in the United States (although the word tights is often used to refer to opaque pantyhose). Leggings are usually a combination of lycra and nylon, cotton, or a cotton-polyester blend. Leggings can also be constructed out of wool, silk, and a variety of synthetic textiles.

Leggings Come in a Variety of Styles

Leggings composed of a nylon-lycra blend (often 90% nylon, 10% lycra) are historically worn for exercise, but they have also been used for fashion since the 1980s. Leggings composed of nylon lycra are typically referred to as cycling or running tights, and they have a shinier appearance than cotton leggings. Many of them have racing stripes on them.

Jeans are denim-based trousers. Originally intended for work, they became popular among teenagers in the 1950s. Levi’s and Wrangler are two popular brands.Jeans were created in Genoa, Italy, when it was a self-governing republic and a maritime force. The earliest jeans were created for the Genoese Navy, which required an all-purpose pants that could be worn wet or dry and whose legs could be readily rolled up for swabbing the deck and swimming. The jeans would be washed by pulling them behind the ship in enormous mesh nets, where the sea water would bleach them white.