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Baggage, sometimes known as luggage, is a collection of bags, cases, and containers that keep a traveler’s personal belongings while in transit. [1] Clothing, toiletries, tiny personal belongings, and trip needs are all expected of a modern traveller. Travelers may have mementos and gifts on the return trip. For some, luggage and the style with which it is carried is a reflection of the owner’s riches and prestige. Luggage is made of either a hard shell or a robust soft material to protect belongings during travel. Internal compartments or sections are common in luggage to help secure valuables. Handles are usually included to make carrying easier, and some baggage may also include wheels, telescoping handles, or leashes to make moving easier.

  • Baggage (not luggage), often known as a baggage train, was a train of people and things, both military and personal, that frequently accompanied pre-modern armies on campaign.
  • Locks – locks are used for a variety of functions, including deterring dishonest airport employees and keeping baggage closed during handling. Since 2003, most locks fitted onto luggage have used the Travel Sentry TSA Lock standard, which allows the US Transportation Security Administration to unlock them.
  • Suitcases that can be unzipped to expand for greater packing space are known as expandable baggage.