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Eye shadow (also known as eyeshadow) is a cosmetic that is put on the eyelids to make the wearer's eyes stand out or appear more appealing. Eye shadow can also be used on the brow bones and under the eyes.

Eye shadow can be used to add depth and dimension to the eyes, complement the color of the eyes, make them appear larger, or simply call attention to them. Eye shadow is available in a variety of hues and textures. It's primarily powdered, although it also comes in liquid, pencil, cream, and mousse forms. Eyeshadow looks, like other fads, have their own set of rules.

Eye shadow is commonly used by women around the world, although it is also used by men on occasion. Even when used by men, it is considered a feminine cosmetic in Western society. Black or similarly dark-colored eye shadow and other types of eye makeup are popular in Gothic fashion among both sexes. Kohl, a type of eye liner popular in India, was used in a variety of dance styles and rituals, including weddings.

Many people use eyeshadow to enhance their appearance, but it is also frequently utilized in theater and other productions to create a memorable look with vivid, bold hues. The effect of eye shadow usually brings forth glamor and attracts attention, depending on skin tone and experience. Eye shadow is used to try to recreate the natural eye shadow that some women have owing to different pigmentation on their eyelids. Natural eye makeup can give one's eyelids a glossy sheen, a pinkish tone, or even a silver appearance.


Powdered eyeshadows are among the most widely used and varied eyeshadow varieties, and they work well for both seasoned users and newcomers. They have a variety of textures and mix really well. They are available as singles or as a component of eyeshadow palettes, giving you more possibilities. Because they blend so nicely, powdered eyeshadows are excellent for creating smokey eye looks.


Stick eyeshadows are perfect for girls on the go who want to experiment with different eyeshadow looks! Stick or crayon makeup frequently has a cream formula and adheres nicely to your eyelids. It's simple but effective. Because they can be built up, you can create a powerful pigment that will stay all night long by layering them and blending them until you have a wash of colour.


It takes a strong person to work with loose pigments. They are a type of powerful eyeshadow that is loose, highly milled, and has great colour payoff. Given that it can be a little messy when utilised, it is better left to cosmetics connoisseurs.


Consider it lip gloss for your lids. For normal or drier skin types, liquid eyeshadows are another fantastic option. Your eyelids will have a thick, creamy feel from the formulation, leaving you with vivid colours! They only drawback is that they dry out rather rapidly, so you may want to blend soon.


This kind of eyeshadow is the best available after powders. They are renowned for their shimmering sheen, durability, and excellent blending. The main drawback is that it creases easily, making it impractical for persons with greasy lids. They can meltdown, therefore they aren't exactly suited for hot, humid areas.


Due to their longevity, baked eyeshadows have become a mainstay in makeup bags. They are actually baked in an oven rather than pressed. This also makes it possible for a smooth application and simple blending. Additionally, you can wear the item dry or wet! This one is for you if you enjoy vibrant colour.

Different Eyeshadow Textures

Because eyeshadows come in a variety of textures, you may have a lot of fun with your looks. To see the range of textures available with the different eyeshadow kinds, scroll down.


Create subtle yet beautiful eye makeup effects by using matte textures. This type of texture provides you a completely matte feel without any shimmer or glitter, as the name would imply. It is ideal for layering since you may add more layers to make something more dramatic or add more layers to produce natural looks. One of the simplest finishes to apply is matte, particularly with your fingers. In addition, beginners will love it!


Eyeshadow with chunky glitter contains shine. This texture blends well with matte eyeshadows as well as on its own. It functions best when combined with a cream-based eyeshadow or primer. Since glitter might be a little tough to apply, keep some scotch tape on standby to mop up spills.