Men's Ethnic Wear

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Men's Ethnic Wear

When you live in India, it's all about Indian ethnic dress. Despite the fact that the contemporary world has taken over the apparel industry, Indian men continue to dress in traditional Indian garb. Ethnic or Indian dress is required for Indian festivals and celebrations. These gatherings are a fantastic blend of family and friends, colours, joy, performances, and traditional costume. Men's ethnic dress, also known as traditional wear, plays a significant role in defining their image. Men, on the other hand, are constantly griping about how difficult it is to find ethnic attire. Men, on the other hand, have a wealth of ethnic clothing options.

Finding ethnic clothes for men in the market takes time. You have to search an excessive amount, and after hours of looking, you end up paying an excessive amount. Buying it from an online retailer is the greatest approach to save time and money. Mirraw is an example of a legitimate online retailer. Mirraw is one of the most popular online boutiques for ethnic menswear at reasonable costs.

Keep the cultural legacy alive since India is a country of festivals, and being an Indian entails being a part of great fat events rich in traditions and grandeur. Dressing up for these occasions is one of the nicest things to do, but because these occasions and activities occur seldom, you may not have a lot of Ethnic Dress Men's clothes in your closet. Jade Blue is here to help with this dilemma by offering timeless ethnic attire that is both adaptable and fashionable.

India Fab

Look no further than Fab India if you're looking for a relaxed traditional dress for your upcoming special occasion. It is one of India's most prestigious traditional clothing brands for men, and its offerings are very outstanding.


Have you ever had a romantic interest in a piece of clothing? If not, our company will unquestionably be the first to provide you with that experience. The company offers some of the best patterns and materials for men's ethnic clothing. Check out their Indo-Western Sherwani collection if you're seeking for an ethnic dress for your wedding. It will charm you.


Ravi Modi founded the men's ethnic clothing line Manyavar in 1999. Vedant Fashions Private Limited is the brand's parent company. The brand received widespread acclaim when it appointed Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as its brand ambassadors a few years ago.

Through Raymond

Not include Raymonds when discussing the top Indian ethnic wear companies is a sin in and of itself. The company that "completed" the Indian man offers a line of ethnic clothing called Ethnix by Raymond.

Blue Jade

Jade Blue is one of India's top brands for men's ethnic clothing. They began as a modest brand in Ahmedabad in 1995 and quickly rose to become one of India's top manufacturers of traditional clothing. Since then, they have established over 22 shops all throughout India, offering a comprehensive selection of men's ethnic wear costumes for any special occasion.

India Panash

Although this brand focuses mainly on ethnic clothing for ladies, it also offers a large selection of ethnic clothing for men, including sherwanis, kurta-pajamas, Nehru jackets, etc. Their prices are very reasonable, so you should pick this brand if you want a cost-effective but fashionable option.

Kalki Clothing

Look no farther than Kalki Fashion if you want a designer ethnic clothing brand to show off to your jealous relatives this wedding season. Their inventory of ethnic clothing for men is diverse and lively, offering a wide range of possibilities.


Jaypore is a brand that delivers handcrafted native items from artisans all around India to your door. They have a variety of ethnic clothing for guys, such as kurta pyjamas, jackets, juttis, and kolhapuri chappals. The best thing about this brand is how affordable their pricing are and how frequently you may use their clothing.


In 2015, the Kolkata-based company Vastramay was founded. No matter whether you're looking for a sherwani, jodhpuri, or Nehru jacket, they specialise in men's traditional clothing. Their unique selling proposition is that they provide you a wide range of clothing options crafted by the most talented artisans using premium materials.

Get Ready For The Festivals With Men's Ethnic Wear From These Brands

If you know how to dress the part, the current trend in men's ethnic fashion should be a breeze. The only thing left to do after mastering the fundamentals of fashion is to adopt the latest trend. The difficulty arises, however, when you have to incorporate the trend while still adhering to the rules and, more importantly, your own personal preferences. Here are a few reliable styling pointers that will make it easier for you to shop for Indian ethnic wear.


For those who have ever struggled to put a finger on their personal style, motif use is the simple solution. Traditional artisans place a premium on engraving, which is seen as an essential skill for any aspiring fashion designer. Try on a plain Nehru jacket and a jacket with a printed motif so you can see the difference for yourself. You can easily manipulate the final look by opting for a more elaborate weave or bolder patterns.


It's no surprise that men look dapper in Chikankari kurtas at parties and other special events. Look for your size; Chikan clothing is known for its roomy cut, so you won't have to worry about finding the right one. Pay attention to the colour scheme, as a dull colour might not complement a festive look, and bright or vibrant colours might be inappropriate for a more formal event. Throw on a pair of leather kolhapuris and instantly feel more confident in your Indian garb.


The Bandhgala Jodhpuri outfits worn at lavish Indian weddings are a sign of high social status. Most of the males in the audience would be dressed in items from this same brand since they combine modern convenience with a timeless aesthetic. However, this in no way absolves you from praising its royal splendour or preventing you from donning such a splendid ensemble. You can achieve this look with some simple embroidery and deep colors, or you can try some subtle prints or alluring sequins.


In India, desi men almost always wear traditional sherwanis in a single colour. If you're looking to spice up your otherwise boring Indian ethnic apparel, try a geometric or abstract patterned dupatta. Despite the fact that there are no hard and fast regulations about how the dupatta should be carried, the one rule of thumb to follow is to never pair a patterned or worked dupatta with a plain outfit. Furthermore, why are sherwani outfits the only option? If you're feeling adventurous, pair a dupatta with a churidar or a pyjama for a casual, but stylish, outfit.


With its short length and cotton construction, this kurta is an excellent example of Indian ethnic wear that can be worn year-round. Short kurtas with muted prints or uncomplicated embroidery are ideal. Timeless black, mint green, sky blue, etc., are also popular options for those who prefer a more subdued aesthetic. Short kurtas look great with jeans or PJs for a relaxed ethnic look. If you wear it with churidars or dhoti pants, you'll have a great outfit for a party.


There's just something magical about a well-fitting jacket that can make even the most basic outfit appear put-together. Try to find jackets that will give your classic outfits a more up-to-date feel. Because of this, you may sport your Indian fusion style in an unexpected approach. To pull off your last-minute plans, add one or two jackets to your collection of ethnic clothing. You can jazz up your Indian traditional wear with a jacket in a simple black color, a calming print, or a trendy color.


Do you consider yourself part of a group who strives to look different while still wearing everyday clothes? When wearing an asymmetric Indian outfit, it may appear that you are wearing a three-piece suit or a tailored jacket, but in reality, you are only experiencing the ease of a one-piece ensemble. If you're looking to stock up on some new threads, consider making a purchase. You could use a splash of bold colour and some elegant embellishment, like stones, sequins, or cut beads.