Ties, Socks & Belts

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Ties, Socks & Belts

A tie is a tiny piece of material that is knotted around the neck and worn by males at formal events. A tie is appropriate to wear to a graduation, a wedding, or simply to impress someone.When a game's score is tied, the game is called a tie. Some games, such as chess, can conclude in a tie, but others, such as basketball, continue until a winner is determined. The verb tie can also be used as a noun: "It appears that the game will end in a tie at two apiece." Tie can also refer to the act of fastening two or more things together, such as when you knot your shoelaces or tie your tie.


A sock is a piece of footwear worn on the feet that usually covers the ankle or a portion of the calf. Oversocking is a common practise while wearing certain types of shoes or boots. Socks were traditionally fashioned of leather or tangled animal hair. Machine-knit socks were originally made in the late 16th century. Hand knitting and machine knitting were both employed to make socks until 1800, but after 1800, machine knitting became the preferred method.


A belt is a flexible band or strap worn around or near the natural waist, generally made of leather, plastic, or heavy cloth (as far down as the hips). The ends of a belt are free, and a buckle secures one end to another section of the belt, at or near the other end, to make a loop. The resulting loop is frequently smaller than the hips. Because of the wide range of waist sizes, belts come in a variety of lengths, and most belts may be changed at the buckle to fit the wearer's waist.

Core Neat Tie for Men

The goal of Tommy Hilfiger is to modernise traditional business attire. This tie features a traditional dot pattern with a vibrant colour makeover.

T. O. D. S.

Although a knit tie has a more informal vibe than a silk one, it can still spice up an office look and goes great with Oxford shirts and other casual button-ups.


Burgundy is a workhorse colour that goes with everything; it is neutral but not dull. Bonus points for using partially recycled materials to create this reasonably priced tie.

Organic cotton right-angle rib socks for men from Muji

Muji's right-angle rib socks made of organic cotton, which fashion designer Thakoon Panichgul claims he can't live without, are another reasonably priced, high-quality pair of socks. They are suitable for both summer and winter, he claims, and are thin enough to be worn with any pair of shoes.

Organic Cotton Classic Crew Socks from Maggie's Organics

Every type of sock wearer, from Waldorf school instructors to fashion connoisseurs, makes up Maggie's Organics' devoted customer base. The company uses outdated knitting equipment to create its gender-neutral socks from organic cotton with a hint of nylon, giving them a level of quality uncommon for items of this price range.

Faloni, Luca

The foundation of the Luca Faloni brand is introducing the world to artisanal artistry and quality. These include the calf leather belts made by Luca Faloni. This leather belt can go with practically any wardrobe and was hand-stitched to assure strength and quality. This makes it a fantastic investment for the world as well as your wardrobe.


Want to strut your stuff a little? The Double G Buckle belt from Gucci is anything but understated. The huge double Gs catch people's attention and reveal that you appreciate dressing to impress. Are you looking for some outfit ideas to match the massive double Gs? Look to Chance The Rapper, a well-known Gucci admirer who understands how to create a stylish casual wardrobe.