Casual Slippers

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Casual Slippers

Slippers are light footwear that are easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home.[1] They provide comfort and protection for the feet when walking indoors.


Open-heel slippers – usually made with a fabric upper layer that encloses the top of the foot and the toes, but leaves the heel open. These are often distributed in expensive hotels, included with the cost of the room.
Closed slippers – slippers with a heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out.
Slipper boots – slippers meant to look like boots. Often favored by women, they are typically furry boots with a fleece or soft lining, and a soft rubber sole. Modeled after sheepskin boots, they may be worn outside.


Adidas's guiding principle is to never settle for mediocrity. To ensure that every sportsperson can participate safely, it produces some of the best footwear and sports accessories. The best slipper brand in India is one that prioritises sustainability. The business is a leader in the field because it is reliable, sustainable, and inclusive.

Features of Adidas

  • All Adidas slippers come with soft straps that have a good grip over the foot.
  • The outsoles are mostly made with die-cut rubbers for supreme comfort.
  • Every pair of slippers is precisely designed by the connoisseurs in the field to amalgamate style with comfort.
  • The flip-flops are available in wide varieties made with both waterproof and non-waterproof material.


By providing comfort at reasonable prices, Sparx has won over a sizable contingent of Indian customers. The Relaxo company, a reputable name since 1984, is the source of this brand. This brand carefully selects versatile footwear that is easy on your wallet, from formal to fashionable shoes.

Features of Sparx

  • Sparx creates slippers with fine craftsmanship to provide a pleasant experience.
  • It curates the best slippers for people seeking long-lasting products at budget-friendly pricing.
  • The brand keeps evolving its designs and patterns to keep up with trends.


An international shoe company with a long history is called Bata. In India, it began as a little operation in Kolkata in the years leading up to independence (1932). The brand has grown to become one of Indians' top choices with more than 1300 stores spread throughout the country. Pricing is comparable to quality, and variety is still its key selling point.

Features of Bata

  • Bata makes quality products to meet the expectations of people.
  • The slippers manufactured by Bata are eye-catching and appropriate for use throughout the year.
  • It explores different materials to make unique ranges of slippers suitable for various purposes.


Crocs was introduced in 2002 to provide customers from all over the world with a one-of-a-kind experience. The company specialises in producing closed-cell resin-made, basic footwear for everyone. It maintains a playful aspect for each pattern and design. Because of crocodiles' ability to adapt to various environments, the business was given their name.

Features of Crocs

  • Crocs manufacture innovative footwear using Croslite technology that allows the products to perform equally on both land and water.
  • The brand explores utilitarian designs that can function in a versatile manner.
  • Croc slippers are wearable everywhere with the same ease.


A company called Solethreads makes nothing but slippers. By using sustainable production methods, one can affect change. Each new innovation it produces has a small carbon footprint. The best footwear is created using technology to shape every raw material.

Features of Solethreads

  • Solethreads is one of the best slipper brands as it utilises recycled EVA footbed technology to make the slippers.
  • The foam formulation is uniquely structured for an unparalleled experience.


Nearly 200 years ago, James Clark, the company's founder, created a pair of slippers out of leftover sheepskin. The company has been producing ground-breaking fashions employing the finest workmanship ever since it was founded.

Features of Clarks

  • Every shoe made by Clarks is hand-carved from a piece of hornbeam.
  • The company utilises advanced construction techniquesand produces slippers and other footwear with contemporary materials.
  • The brand also offers customisation. It tailor-makes slippers and shoes to fit every individual perfectly.
  • Clarks manufactures some of the best slippers for men in India in the high-end category.


Jack Ye is the creator of Miniso. While on vacation in Japan, he had the idea for this intriguing business. This business was created to choose goods for young people throughout the world, drawing inspiration from little shops in Japan. Miniso offers a wide range of goods in several categories, from stationery to accessories.

Features of Miniso

  • Miniso has over 5000 stores worldwide.
  • The Miniso slippers are highly flexible and ideal for long walks.
  • Each pair of slippers is water-resistant and made with anti-slip materials.
  • The slippers have high-elastic upper elastic cushions for good balance and proper foot pressure.

United Colors of Benetton

This casual apparel company is well-known for its proficiency in knitting and social responsibility. It creates eco-friendly clothing and accessories while upholding the highest standards for each. It combines general research with Italian style to appeal to people worldwide while yet having a touch of originality that is relevant.

Features of United Colors of Benetton

  • It uses EVA material for producing a wide variety of slippers.
  • The straps are made of PVC for easy movement and flexibility.
  • The outsole of these slippers is made with compressed EVA for proper cushioning and comfort.
  • United Colors of Benetton curates some of the best slippers for men in India in the affordable category.


The biggest footwear producer in India, Relaxo, owns Flite, which sells a stylish and reasonably priced selection of slippers. Having been established in 1984, Relaxo is now one of India's 500 most valued firms. The sub-brands Sparx, Bahamas, Boston, and Mary Jane are among the others.

Features of Flite

  • Offers a variety of styleslike slip-ons and flip-flops.
  • Formal and semi-formal stylesfor men and women.
  • Offers warranty on some products.
  • Mostly has rubber or EVA sole for ease of use.