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Women Ethnic Footwear

The jutti or Punjabi Jutti is a type of footwear common in North India and neighboring regions. They are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery, in real gold and silver thread as inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago. Prior to that, Rajputs of the northwest used to wear leather juttis,[1] also called ethnic shoes.[1] Now with changing times, different juttis with rubber soles are made available. Besides the Punjabi jutti, there are various local styles as well. Today Amritsar and Patiala ("tilla jutti") are important trade centers for handcrafted juttis, from where they are exported all over the world to Punjabi diaspora.[2][3][4] Closely related to mojaris. Juttis have evolved into several localized design variations, even depending upon the shoemaker. However by large, they have no left or right distinction, and over time take the shape of the foot. They usually have flat sole, and are similar in design for both women and men, except for men they have a sharp extended tip, nokh curved upwards like traditional moustaches, and are also called khussa, and some women’s juttis are backless. Even with changing times juttis have remained part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings, the unembellished juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women in most of Punjab, mostly called Jalsa Jutti which is blackish in color.[5]

BATA Women's Galaxy Flip Flop

You will be reminded of Kolhapuris by these flip flops. Beginning at your toes, the braided pattern will easily lay on your midfoot. Your feet won't slide off thanks to the round toe shape of the shoes, which tucks in the flip flops. The broad band embellished with beads complements the leather sole of the shoe. Any coloured attire may be paired with these flip flops.

Enthic Style Box Heels

This pair of shoes has a neutral colour that complements both casual and formal attire. Your feet's arch will be maintained by the rubber sole and box heel of the sandals. These sandals feature such high levels of flexibility, suppleness, and all-day comfort that you won't be able to stop wearing them.

Fashionable Ethnic Jutti

When you activate your Indian persona, you must wear juttis. They give your traditional outfit some life and a touch of flair. They feature a pull-on closing and a very complex design. During the wedding season, this pair is a must-have because of the jutti's net-like fabric. Additionally, these jutti don't bite or pinch.

Ethnic flat Sandal

These flat slides-on shoes include extensive padding and cushioning for maximum foot comfort. They are made of breathable materials and are lightweight. The mule is simple to put on and take off because to its backless design. Your feet will feel light and comfortable as you walk thanks to the stylish and sparkling style of the shoes.

Rajasthani Jaipuri Work Kolhapuri

These kolhapuris have a rather conventional appearance. It is a must-have pair of platform wedges due to the three pom poms and mirror work attached at the midfoot. Make a statement by pairing them with ethnic patiala suits, kurtis, or even dresses.

Stylish Open Toe Fashion Heel Sandal

You have to have a pair of these shimmering heel shoes. They feature everything you need to keep your feet comfortable all day. Your feet may move as organically as possible with its assistance. Additionally, it ensures that the toe region, where greatest flexibility is necessary, is sufficiently comfortable. Go ahead and show off these trendy shoes in style. Put your foot in these stunning shoes and stroll about like you own the place. You may now step up your footwear game. Grab them right now and let your content feet to reach their happy place.

Printed Juttis

If you often wear ethnic clothing, printed juttis are a must. Juttis will keep you comfy and add style to your attire, whether you're attending a family event or your business. Most women loathe wearing heels, yet they want to stand out with ethnic clothing. Consequently, this is where printed juttis are essential. Try flowery designs since they are now in style.

Jewelled Juttis

You must have a pair of juttis with little or huge sparkling stones if you are getting married or must attend a wedding event. A pair in gold, silver, or a variety of colours would work well with most of your clothes. The entire appearance of couture is enhanced by these embroidered juttis. Why do we consider these essential pairs? They are lovely and quite straightforward. They go well with sarees, skirts, crop tops, angrakha outfits, and sarees. What more do you require.

Embroidered Juttis

Have you ever worn juttis made of thread? Due to the surface's multicoloured threads, they are very beautiful. Many juttis also have jari work, which may improve the entire appearance of the pair of shoes. Women may wear embroidered juttis with Indo-Western clothing, asymmetrical kurtis, patiala suits, and dhoti-kurta combos. They enhance your appearance overall and mix in well with numerous outlooks.