Lip gloss

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Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a cosmetic that is applied to the lips to give them a glossy sheen and sometimes to add a hint of colour. It's sold as a liquid or as a soft solid (not to be confused with lip balm, which generally has medical or soothing purposes or lipstick, which generally is a solid, cream like substance that gives off a more pigmented color.) The product comes in a variety of opacities, from translucent to solid, and can be frosted, sparkly, glossy, or metallic in appearance.

Lipstick Makeup Comes in a Variety of Forms

Satin or sheer. Sheer or satin lipsticks offer your lips a delicate, moisturised appearance and are ideal for days when you don't want to wear makeup. Matte Lip Stains or Tints Glossy Frosted or metallic Tinted Lip Balm Lip Liner is a creamy lipstick makeup that falls somewhere between satin and matte.

Rhode Skin Lip Treatment Peptide

Since its release, Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin collection has pretty well sold out following each refill, and for good reason—the goods are high-end, stylish, and reasonably priced. A rarity for lip glosses, in my opinion, the Peptide Lip Treatment offers you the most luscious lips without making them feel overly sticky or heavy. Additionally, the gloss is incredibly sparkly and lovely.

Rouge Coco Gloss by Chanel

This pink, shimmering lip gloss somehow makes me think of eighth grade. Who didn't possess a wand lip gloss back in the day? The packaging has that retro feel. My lips feel thick and nourished because to the formula, which is anything but dated—it contains coconut oil, peptides, and vitamin E.

ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss by Tower 28 Beauty

I love lip gloss to the core, but my main issue with many of them is how sticky they are. That isn't the case with this one from Tower28, though. Despite the gorgeous taupe hue, the formula is crucial! It is lightweight and comfortable, and it looks lovely for a long time.

Lip Glow Oil by Dior

I've been using the renowned Lip Glow Oil by Dior that a friend gave me for my birthday. Despite the little container, I don't need to use much product to get shine. It also has a wonderful scent, like fresh mint! — Monique Wilson, assistant editor

Lipstick with more sheen

Before I got my hands on the renowned Glossier lip gloss when the company originally launched, I never really considered myself a lip gloss fan. Since then, it has served as my trusted companion, withstanding numerous trips overseas, being shoved to the bottom of my work bag, and being washed with my favourite pair of jeans (seriously).

Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm by Westman Atelier

I wasn't shocked to hear that Westman Atelier's lip balm had received a 2022 Glamour Beauty Award. The item appears to be good. From the first swipe, my suspicions were shown to be correct. In fact, it's so good that ever since I bought this cute little package, I've completely forgotten about my other lip creams. My lips seem full and pouty thanks to the formula's juicy texture, which also complements my no-made makeup approach. It applies smoothly and delivers a subtle wash of colour.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty

My go-to lip product is the Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. Since high school, I've used it nonstop. I prefer a natural appearance, so this lip gloss is ideal for giving my cosmetic regimen a little extra oomph. —M.W.

Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige

I've been paying more attention than ever to lip care since getting my lip flip. This Laneige lip mask is essentially the only thing I use on my lips these days, despite the fact that it is not a conventional lip gloss. Although it's designed to be applied nightly, I also spread it on my lips at least three times per day.